Die Today Live Tomorrow

Five years after dismantling the leadership of the Ares Syndicate in “Crimson Zero”, Canadian intelligence officer John Burke remains on the hunt for the organization’s elusive remnants. His investigation initially leads him into the criminal underworld of Vietnam, but when the mission goes horribly wrong, he’s forced into a reluctant partnership with the American CIA and a lethal Israeli assassin to unearth the truth behind the resurgent Syndicate and the forces behind it.

Haunted by the specters of past failures, a vengeful Burke must determine what he truly fights for and what he truly believes in as he embarks on a dangerous mission across the world, from the Czech Republic and Germany in Central and Western Europe to the Syrian-Turkish borderlands in the Middle East.

And through it all, agents of chaos plot to strike a mighty blow to a world already reeling from trauma….

Crimson Zero

Burdened by a traumatic past, and after serving time in a military prison for a dishonorable crime, former Canadian Army recon officer John Burke is given a second chance to redeem himself by Canada’s counter-intelligence apparatus in Ottawa.

Burke’s new superior immediately assigns him to West Africa to aid their NATO allies in disrupting an Al Qaeda arms deal, and to hunt down the Ares Syndicate, the shadowy trafficking network behind it, anonymous criminals whose ruthless ambition takes a turn for the worse when their newest, exclusive weapons-grade chemical Crimson Zero could theoretically open the floodgates to uncontrolled nuclear proliferation in the heated post-9/11 world.

With Burke forming a tenable alliance with CIA officer Jill Pearce and British MI6 operative Billy Styles along the way, the investigation will lead Burke and his new compatriots from Athens to London to Ottawa to the Costa Dorada in Spain, bringing them ever deeper into the wilderness where the line between right and wrong is increasingly blurred and the likelihood of a deadly leak in their network becomes more certain with every turn of fortune.

GIFt Horse Series

Short tales of big adventures from the Prince Edward Island GIFted Genre Writing Group

About the Author

Ryan Gallant is an author and screenwriter who lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, an unrepentant movie buff, literary enthusiast, amateur standup comedian, and serialized TV junkie.
In addition to his first novel ‘Crimson Zero’ and its sequel ‘Die Today, Live Tomorrow’, he has written numerous feature-length screenplays, one of which was awarded as a semi-finalist in the 2020 ScreenCraft Action & Adventure competition.
He has also contributed to the short story anthology series ‘GIFt Horse’ alongside his local writers group, with two of his stories taking second and third prize in the 2019 and 2021 Island Literary Awards, respectively.


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